Our 2021 Late-Spring Collection

We've got you covered from Mother's Day through to Labour Day.

We are excited to share our newest seasonal collection with you! From April through August, our late-spring prebook collection will have you thinking of Mother's Day, Father's Day and all the sunny days in between. From barbeque season to weekday escapes to the cottage, we've put together an inspiring collection of spring and summer products for you and your customers to enjoy.

Book Late-Spring Prebook orders by February 5 for delivery in early April 2021.

Also included in our catalogue - a few sneak peeks at new Everyday items, brands and packaging updates!

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Don't wait for LOVE.


Available mid-January, in limited quantities, the newest collection from Lakrids is designed to seduce your palate. A state of mind, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW - LOVE is a feeling and a taste. These bite-sized love potions are full of passion - representing the exceptional quality and irresistible flavour that Lakrids is known for.

Start 2021 with an abundance of LOVE!

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The world at your store-step.

We search the world for the finest examples of specialty food. We partner with producers we're inspired by, we learn their stories and help connect them with like-minded retailers in the Canadian market. By industry convention we are importers and distributors, but by our definition we are more than just a transit-way. We take immense pride in supporting the businesses of both our producers and our retailers and take great responsibility in our role. We only feel we can be successful in our business if we can genuinely understand and positively affect the businesses of all our partners. Working with a team of caring professionals both at our head office and across Canada, our greatest accomplishments come from seeing the people we work with succeed in their goals and continue to commit to their calling or craft.

Our Process


To succeed in innovation, we believe you must constantly be in a mode of discovery. Like any great passion in life, one is never finished learning about it, and over the years we have had the continued pleasure to both search and acquire culinary treasures across the world. We know how important it is to have something unique and outstanding in quality to offer. Working together, we’ll provide you with both the best industry innovations as well as the time-honoured traditions stemming from centuries of experience and the cherished family recipes of expert craft producers that are enjoyed at tables across the globe.


As a family business with over 40 years of history, we believe intrinsically in relationships and we mark our accomplishments by the work we can do together. Many of our customers and brand partners date back to our very first foray into the food industry decades ago. Combined with our sense of discovery, we leverage the strength of our relationships in the industry to consistently bring fresh new products and the finest examples of time tested artisinal staples to our friends and customers across Canada.


From ocean containers across the Atlantic to a single box delivered to your door, our priority is to get you what you want when you need it. An intrinsic part of what we do is to ensure our products arrive to you by the most efficient and cost-effective method. We have a specialized understanding of industry logistics and we make it a point to continually improve our expertise.

January's Feature Brand

Quality time deserves a quality drink.

The mission behind Split Tree Cocktail Co. is rooted in an unrelenting mission to bring people together. Steve Morrier, the founder and President of Split Tree Cocktail Co., firmly believes in the importance of spending quality time with friends and family. This year, more than ever, finding time to enjoy each other's company is not without unique challenges. Created to bring the ones you love closer together in the name of celebration and commemoration, Split Tree Cocktail mixers are perfect for all occasions and drinks – cocktails and mocktails alike. From traditional recipes you've come to associate with a memory to more complex, mysterious or imaginative concepts behind your cocktails, Split Tree mixers are meant to enhance your drink, not mask it. Personally curated by trial and error, every recipe uses our hand-crafted, 100% natural cordials, tonics, or mixes to make for a well-balanced, refreshing finish to your drink of choice.

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January's Featured Product

CEDER'S Crisp Alt-Gin

It's never too late to discover new non-alcoholic alternatives. Perfect for Dry January, CEDER'S takes all the classic gin characteristics and distills them into a crisp, harmonious non-alcoholic beverage. Produced in Sweden and made with classic and exotic South African and European botanicals, CEDER'S is all about embracing the JOY of missing out, for whatever reason that suits us. This year we can all use an escape – find harmony and balance with CEDER'S alt-gin. Refreshing and tranquil, CEDER'S Crisp is a refreshing blend of juniper and citrus combined with cucumber and calming chamomile.

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Where Can You Find Our Products?

From coast to coast, we find it truly incredible that our products are enjoyed daily at the tables of Canadians.

Specialty Food Shops

Whatever your expertise and vision, we're here to help support your positioning and anchor your offering. We understand how important it is to provide curated choice and selection to your customers and approach our portfolio with this same level of commitment. With close to 1000 specialty items in the DoveTale portfolio, our goal is to ensure diversity and quality are always available for your shelves.

Grocery Stores

As a family company with a long-term vision, we've seen the exciting development of Canadian grocery over the past 45 years and during that time have had the pleasure of establishing long-lasting demand for our brands with select national retailers. Experienced and prepared for the logistical and administrative needs of this channel, our business keeps us at the fore-front of how Canadians shop and as trailblazers in the specialty food category.

Department Stores & Online Retailers

One of the most interesting and enduring changes in Canada over the last decade has been the cultural and lifestyle adaptations around specialty food and the way Canadians are shopping for these items. Whether cooking, entertaining or gifting is at the heart of your business, we are here to work with the interests of your customers and develop an offering that supports your core values.

Hotels & Restaurants

Hospitality and service always come down to the details, and we have a wide array of products on offer to help ensure your guests experience will be memorable to the last sip, drop or bite. Many of our partner brands actually began their businesses working in the hotel and restaurant industry and understanding these high standards for excellence.

"A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand."

Barbara Johnson