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45 years and counting,
this is our story.

Whether you find the food industry or the food industry finds you, it is almost always a relationship that endures. Ours is a family business and for almost 45 years now, our family has traveled the world and made it our commitment to find the world's top specialty food brands and to tell their stories with the Canadian retail market, from coast to coast.

It’s About the People

Over our history, our core values have remained unchanged. Above all, we value the relationships we have built - people are at the core of the decisions that we make and the work that we do. As a family business, we are long-term in our focus and we strive for sustainable growth for all our partners. We are unwavering in the quality of the products that join our portfolio and we are invested our commitment to service. We consider our work to be an important supporting role for our network of talented creators and sellers who together reach across our country and across the globe.

Business Supporting Business

When you choose to invest in specialty food, we appreciate the commitment that comes with either making or selecting the very best. It is a choice that forms your position in the market and means you must constantly be learning and creating. We are here to help and work alongside everyone to ensure expert product knowledge, seamless deliveries and a dedicated portfolio of first class brands can support you in your business. We have had the distinct pleasure over our history to see just what can be accomplished from making the choice to pursue the best. Whether it be the enriched landscape of food culture now prevalent in Canada, the centuries-old methods of hand-crafted products that are being revived and celebrated for their excellence, the exploration of new flavour experiences and the influence of international cuisine, or the changing face of the dynamic food retail market here in Canada, of which we are immensely proud - ours is an industry that knows no bounds and we are excited to see what the next 45 years brings ahead.

From Maker to Market

It is our distinct pleasure to work with all sides of the table in this special and innovative market.

Thank you for your trust and for making the choice to depend on us. We look forward to working with you and to bridging the gap from maker to market.

"A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand."

Barbara Johnson